Do You Make Your Partner Responsible for Your Happiness? Part II: Opening Up To Your Higher Self

So now you know you have a very wise, loving and compassionate Higher Self whose only intention is to help you know your inherent worth and learn how to love yourself and others.  That’s a beautiful thing!  So, you’re good right?  Well yes and possibly.  Yes, because you have this awesome internal power to guide you into being the person you want to be and create a joyful life with your partner.  Possibly, because you still have to consciously connect to your Higher Self and choose to follow your Higher Self’s guidance rather than allowing a misguided part of you to react out of fear with your partner.  That’s a lot of consciousness! So how do you get yourself to a place of consciousness where you are able to communicate with your inner guidance?  One way is by learning and practicing the Inner Bonding process to learn how to take loving care of yourself. The first step of Inner Bonding is to notice throughout the day if you're having any unhappy feelings such as feeling unappreciated, uncared for, unimportant and unloved.  If you are then you want to be aware of what you’re telling yourself, doing or allowing that may be causing these difficult feelings. Once you’re willing to feel these feelings and take personal responsibility for causing your unhappy feelings the next step is to move into compassion for yourself rather than judging yourself for having these feelings.  One way to do this is by telling yourself, I must have good reasons for you having these feelings.  You’re not saying that it’s good for you and your relationship to have these feelings.  You're acknowledging to. yourself that it’s understandable based on who you have become as a result of your life experiences why you’re having these feelings.  Then you can shift into an intention to learn by saying to yourself, And I truly want to learn what these good reasons are.  These are the first two steps of the Inner Bonding process which help you consciously open up to and connect to your Higher Self When you’re willing to feeling your feelings, take personal responsibility for them, move into compassion for yourself and open to learn about your good reasons for having these feelings then you consciously shift into a state of mindfulness; being fully present in the moment. And when you’re in the here and now and in the intention to truly learn what’s loving to yourself and your partner, you’re connected to your Higher Self. In my next post I’ll show you how to learn from your Higher Self what it looks like to appreciate, care for, value and love yourself rather than trying to get your partner to make you feel happy.