Loving Like The Day You Both Met

Wasn't it so much easier when you were first together? Loving each other was all there was. At least that's how it felt right? Now there are so many other things and there's always more things to have to think about! And time passes by and the more time that goes by the farther you tend to get away from the heart of your relationship. So how do you find that heart to heart place with your partner again?
By remembering what you liked, loved and lived for with each other when you heart first told you he/she's the one. What kinds of things did you do together? How did you spend time together when you weren't doing anything. How did you show your love? What were the different ways you made each other feel cared for and desired? What were the thoughtful touches you gave to one another? Love is simple. We tend to make it so much more complicated than it is. Love started for both of you with a heart to heart kiss and you can both get back to this. If you need help in knowing how to do this, you can both make a list of what your partner did when you were first together that made you feel cared for. Maybe it was holding hands, kissing him/her for no reason, telling your partner how beautiful she/he was or asking about their dreams and helping make them happen. You can learn to look past the years that may have gotten in the way of the two of you staying deeply connected and once again see that precious smile, those soft eyes, and the tender and silly love that you promised to yourself and to your partner that you'd never take for granted. When you do this you'll know how to love each other every day just like every was the first day you started loving him/her.