March 21, 2019

Imago Relationship Therapy

Imagine talking to your partner without being interrupted.  Imagine having a dialogue where there is no arguing.  Where one person doesn’t leave physically or withdraw emotionally.  Imagine having a discussion where hearing is more important than winning.  This kind of experience becomes possible when couples learn how to communicate by using the Couples Dialogue.

The more effectively you and your partner communicate, the better role models you’ll be for your child(ren)

Imago Relationship Therapy can help you and your partner:
Nurture your relationship while raising your child
Share frustrations in a healthy way
Create emotional safety
Build trust
Feel more compassion for each other
Bring back the romance
Understand each other’s experiences
Heal childhood wounds
Become whole

For Couples

Imago Relationship Therapy proposes that nature used romantic love to bring the two of you together so that you could help each other heal your childhood wounds. This is possible because you fell in love with someone who not only has the positive qualities of your caregivers/parents but also their negative qualities. The ‘honeymoon period’ in your relationship ended when you realized that your partner wasn’t going to change into the person you wanted him/her to be. This was the beginning of the power struggle you are experiencing now. This conflict is supposed to happen. I repeat, this conflict is supposed to happen. It gives you the opportunity to consciously choose to work through your unresolved childhood issues with your partner who is triggering all of them. The challenge is to see this as a gift, not that you picked the wrong partner.

I teach couples the Couples Dialogue, a three-step process that changes negative interactions into positive communication. One partner shares a frustration while the other partner listens. The listener then mirrors and validates his partner, the first two steps. In the third step, the listener shows empathy for the sender of the message. The partners change roles and the listener now has the opportunity to share on the same topic.

The Couples Dialogue:

  • creates safety
  • increases compassion
  • builds teamwork
  • establishes connection
  • helps partners feel heard, understood and respected
  • brings back the passion

For Individuals

Imago Relationship Therapy is also beneficial if you are single and struggling with relationship issues. You can learn how to:

  • develop and sustain intimate relationships
  • let go of destructive patterns and replace them with healthy behaviors
  • release fears and begin taking loving actions for yourself
  • value yourself
  • learn how to fill your own inner emptiness rather than looking for others to complete you