Time to Change

I know what you may be saying to yourself, "I don't have time to change." And your right. It's a given that our lives are filled up with responsibilities, obligations, wants and needs right? So how come some people find a way to do all of the above AND still 'find' the time to pursue their passions? We're not magicians. We can't 'make' more time 24 hours is what we have to work with.  Or is there another way of approaching this?
My experience is that we can 'create' more time. That's right. 'Create' more time. How do we do that? By making good choices. By setting our intention to do what's important rather than what is urgent. By finding ways to 'free up' time by integrating certain activities together.
So you're wondering how does this relate to my relationship? I can't tell you how many times I've heard couples say, "We want to 'make' our relationship work." What if instead of trying to have control over 'making' your relationship work, you focused on 'creating' a life together. Co-creating your relationship. Creating a safe space where both of you could share your thoughts and feelings and not fear getting judged, criticized, blamed or told your feelings are 'wrong.' Creating a connection that is based on mutual love and understanding. Creating joy from partners who on their own are taking personal responsibility for making themselves happy and then sharing their happiness with each other.
The time is now. If you want the intimate connection with each other than now is the time to learn how to create that.