Couples Counseling for One

If your partner doesn't want to join you for Couples Counseling, is it still Couples Counseling? 
Yes. I call it Couples Counseling for One! 
I often find myself doing Couples Counseling with only one partner because the other partner doesn’t want to attend. Some of the ‘no show’ partner’s reasons are:
Any of these sound familiar? 
I understand it’s not always easy to make choices different than your partner’s. However, when you decide that you deserve to be happy, everything changes. When you set your intention to learn  to value yourself more and you start setting loving boundaries, everything changes. You not only feel more fulfilled and peaceful, you also give your partner the opportunity to make different choices. 
Your partner may stop trying to control you with anger, criticism,  the silent treatment or by blaming you when he realizes you’re not going to allow yourself to be around any unloving behavior from anyone.  That includes your partner. You may also find that once your partner sees your joyful and confidence, he may want to feel that way too.
Remember: what is truly loving to yourself is always truly loving to your partner. This is true even if your partner doesn’t agree, approve or like how you’re taking care of yourself.

When you start taking better care of yourself in your relationship, you give your partner the opportunity to make different choices.

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