Marriage Counseling,
Couples Therapy and
Individual Therapy

Are you ready for a more loving and healthier relationship with your partner, with your children, with your family and with yourself?

I help couples communicate effectively so that both partners can listen without getting defensive, see each other's point of view and feel appreciated.  
I help Individuals learn how to feel higher self-worth, manage  difficult feelings, find good partners and create a joyful, passionate and meaningful life.


For the past 23 years, I’ve been bringing to the community my expertise in helping couples learn how to communicate and individuals become the best version of themselves.  

While you're here, check out my couples blog and the different ways I help couples and individuals.  

I'm here for you!

How to Stop Fighting so Your Relationship has a Fighting Chance

Click the link below to download my article on how to deal with conflict in your relationship.

Marriage Counseling, Couples Therapy
and Individual Therapy

I provide both in-person and virtual marriage counseling, couples therapy and individual therapy.

You're Wondering...

Why does everything turn into an argument?

Why can’t we get on the same page?

Whatever happened to the person I fell in love with?

When did we start to feel like we’re just roommates?

How can I ever let go of the past and forgive my partner?

You Feel...

Frustrated that the same issue keeps coming up

Afraid to share your thoughts or feelings because you don't want to risk your partner's reaction

Unimportant because your partner doesn't make you a priority

Unappreciated because your partner doesn't notice all the things you do in your relationship

Unloved and uncared for

I Can Help You Learn To...

Replace arguing with listening, understanding and empathy

Resolve conflict

Let go of past resentments

Rebuild trust

Bring back the passion in your relationship

Create win-win situations

Live a joyful life together

Marriage Counseling for Every Step of Your Relationship Journey

If you're ready to learn new couples' skills so that you can co-create a loving life together, contact me to schedule a free consultation.