April 19, 2019

Imagine replacing your feelings of anxiety, depression, guilt, and aloneness with confidence, high self-worth, hope and joy. Being compassionate with yourself instead of judging. Setting appropriate boundaries. Learning to manage feelings of sadness, helplessness, grief, heartache or loneliness. Imagine truly loving yourself and being in a healthy relationship.

I can help you do this.

Imagine talking with your partner without being interrupted. Having a conversation where there is no arguing and the conversation doesn't escalate out of control. Having a discussion where understanding is more important than winning. Imagine feeling heard, appreciated and safe and wanting to connect with your partner emotionally and physically.

I can help you create this.

  • My office is located in beautiful Cranford, NJ at the historical landmark ‘The Mill’.
  • I conduct Individual, Couples and Family sessions in my spacious sun-filled office.
  • Allow the sound of the Rahway River to enhance your healing process.
  • Egrets symbolize self-awareness, peace, confidence and balance. Our teachers are everywhere.
  • Take time to breathe while you reflect on new learnings