Making Your Partner Your Priority

Yes it is important! If it's important to your partner than it should be important to you. That is if you want a close, connected, intimate relationship. If you don't then...well...stay behind the curtain! That is as long as you're willing to have an unhappy partner, an unhappy situation and an unhappy relationship. I know what you're thinking, But I'm not interested at all about what my partner is wanting to talk to me about.  I get it. Trust me. What our partners is saying isn't always something that we know anything about, would want to know anything about if we weren't in the relationship and probably have about ten other things on our mind that we're thinking about not to mention what we happen to be doing in that exact moment when our partner wants to talk to us.
So maybe you might want to look at this from a different perspective. One where even though the details of what your partner is wanting to talk about isn't important to you, your partner is important to you. If we have an agreement on this then you might want to consider adopting the belief, Whatever is important to my partner is important to me even if what they're wanting to talk about isn't important to me.
So I'm guessing right now you're probably saying to yourself something like this is just a matter of semantics and besides, how does that make any difference in my relationship. From my experience it makes all the difference.
When you show up for each other without hesitation you'll both feel more valued. You'll both feel that your partner cares about you. You'll both feel like you're your partner's priority. And you'll both feel more emotionally connected and when couples feel more emotionally connected then that typically leads to being more physically connected. Add in some spiritual connection and you're good to go!
We're all important. Not because of what we do, how much we have, who we're with or what we're talking about. We're important because we just are. We're born that way and there's nothing we can do about it. Plain and simple. So when you're partner needs to talk to you, or needs you to behave in a certain way because it's important to them, they're not asking you to define them. What they're wanting and what you can choose to let them know is that you see them. You're letting them know that you know where they're coming from and you understand what this means to them.
So the next time your partner wants to tell you about or asks you for something that is important to them, you might want to remember what's truly important to you. And if what's truly important to you is your partner and your relationship, then you might want to consider in that moment (or let them know when you're able to) what would it take for you to show them this. And then take that loving action(s). And then you won't have to 'assume' that what your partner wants is important because you'll know and you'll always let them know that if it's important to your partner then it's always important to you.