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1. Who do you work with?

I work with individuals and couples.

2. When you work with couples do you always see both partners together?

Most of the sessions are with both partners together.  I also meet a couple of times with each partner to address individual issues that are adversely affecting their relationship.   

3. How long will it take to get healthier?

Partners who are open to learning:

*Take personal responsibility for their feelings, thoughts and behavior.
*Truly value and take care of themselves consistently.
*Set loving boundaries
*Don’t take their partner’s behavior personally I can help you learn these loving behaviors and qualities.

4. Does insurance cover couples/marriage counseling?

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, my services may be reimbursable if your insurance covers couples/marriage therapy or Individual Therapy for out of network providers.

5. What if my partner doesn’t want to join me in counseling?

When one partner changes, the relationship changes. By taking better care of yourself give your partner the opportunity to make different choices.  

6. Can you ‘fix’ our relationship?

Only you and your partner can ‘fix’ your relationship. I can provide you with skills, feedback and guidance. Each of you needs to be open to learning, willing to take personal responsibility and commit to doing whatever it takes to create a joyful, intimate and passionate relationship.

7. What is the first session like?

If you're coming in as a couple, I’ll begin the session by each of you sharing something you feel grateful about your partner. I'll have you experience a different way of communicating called the Imago Couples Dialogue.  

If you're coming in for yourself, I'll have you experience an Inner Bonding Six Step process. You'll learn what it looks like to take personal responsibility, be open to learning and take loving actions for yourself. 

8. How soon will I know if working with you will be helpful?

You will know in this first session if I’m the right person to help both of you achieve your goals. Trust your intuition and notice if you're feeling hopeful.  

9. Do I need to complete any paperwork?

Yes. Before your first appointment, I will send you the HIPAA Notice of Privacy, my Informed Consent/Office Policies, a Telehealth Informed Consent, A Good Faith Estimate and a Credit Card Authorization. You’ll both fill out/initial/sign these and send them back to me along with a copy of your ID.