Making Understanding More Important than Being Right

Did you ever have the experience of talking to your partner, spilling your heart out about something that is truly important to you and then the words that come out of your partner's mouth have nothing to do with what you just revealed? What's that all about???
Often partners aren't hearing what their significant other is sharing and instead are just waiting for them to finish talking so that they can say what they want to say. When this happens to you I imagine you feel discounted, disrespected and uncared for. None of these feelings make you want to put your arms around your partner and continue sharing your personal secrets with them right?
So I'm sure right now you're relating to the picture above thinking you have to somehow get your partner to look at you when you're talking and that will get him/her to finally pay attention to what you're sharing. Well...not exactly.
It's not about eye contact. It's about heart to heart contact. It's about having your partner move down into their feelings and share with you what they know about you that makes you think, act, speak and feel the way you do. They validate you. This is about your partner telling you why it makes sense that you just shared what you shared. Even if they don't agree with you. Hopefully going forward they will take into consideration what you just shared and make choices that support and express their love for you.
When you and you're partner make understanding each other more important than being right, you'll both feel more connected and cared for. And rather than looking at each other, both of you will be opening up your hearts to each other.