What Helps Make Couples Therapy Successful

Is this you? “Yeah, I’ll start next week…” Or, “I’ll do it next month, that’ll be a new start!” I hate to break it to you, consistency is necessary for almost every change you make. In almost every part of your life: your body, business, relationships & emotional health. What I've notice in my practice is that there are basically two ways couples approach marriage counseling. Some couples practice the skills I teach them in between sessions. Other couples expect to reach their goals just because they meet with me weekly or biweekly. My experience is that the couples who take the time to reflect on their learnings, try out new behaviors and integrate different ways of communicating every day move towards their goals. This is called personal responsibility. The couples who leave our session and don't continue consistently practicing what they've learned, go right back into their old negative patterns of blaming their partner, trying to be right and other controlling behaviors.
If you find you and/or your partner aren't making the changes for yourselves and with your relationship that you say you want, I can help you learn how you're getting in your own way, how to become more motivated and consistent and how to support each other in reaching your relationship vision.