Inner Child Healing

How Your Inner Child Feels When You Abandon Yourself

How Your Inner Child Feels When You Show Up For Yourself

I can help you learn how to:

  • Lovingly reparent and parent your Inner Child so that you are the person you want to be, not who you learned to be.
  • Recognize what you’re telling your Inner Child, doing or not doing that is causing or contributing to your unhappiness.
  • Identify and take action on what you need to do to make yourself happy.
  • Heal your feelings of aloneness by attending to your Inner Child’s feelings.
  • Manage the difficult feelings of helplessness, loneliness, and heartbreak by moving into compassion for yourself rather than judging and abandoning your Inner Child.
  • Take better care of yourself so that your Inner Child feels cared for by you.
  • See and express your essence so that your Inner Child feels joyful, loved, and valued by you.

I can help you heal your Wounded Inner Child by teaching you a process called Inner Bonding®.  

Inner Bonding® is a six-step psychospiritual process that helps you build a stronger Inner Loving Adult who is able to heal and take loving actions for your Inner Child.   

Inner Bonding® is an experiential process where you first ground yourself as your Loving Adult and then dialogue with the different parts of you in order to identify and then take Loving Actions in order to feel higher self-worth.

Think of your life as a play with four main characters:

1. Your Inner Child

Your Inner Child is the part of you that has all of your feelings, your personality, your creativity and playfulness.  Your Inner Child is your essence and your spirit.  This is who you truly are in your core and you never lose this part of you (although you may hide your Inner Child away).


2. Your Wounded Self

Your Wounded Self is another child part of you that you learned to be and created in order to get through childhood. Today when you act and react in unloving ways to yourself and others, you have abandoned yourself and given control to your Wounded Self. Your Wounded Self has false beliefs such as believing you’re not worthy, that others are responsible for making you happy and you are responsible for others’ feelings and behaviors.

3. Your Loving Adult

Your Loving Adult is your mature adult self which is responsible, open,  accepting, encouraging, forgiving, compassionate, understanding and considerate. Your Loving Adult is willing to feel and manage your core feelings of loneliness, helplessness and heartbreak rather than avoid these natural feelings with various protections such as getting defensive, shutting down, feeling resentful, drinking, acting out addictively and trying to control your partner. Your Loving Adult identifies what’s in your highest good and then takes loving actions so that you feel higher self-worth.

4. Your Higher Guidance

Your Higher Guidance is your source of truth, compassion and unconditional love. This can be an external and/or an internal source of guidance who only wants what’s in your highest good. Only your Loving Adult can access your Higher Guidance, bring through compassion, identify the truth about your false beliefs and then take loving actions for yourself so that you live in truth and feel fulfilled, joyful and peacful.

The Six Steps of Inner Bonding®guide you into:

  • Feeling and taking personal responsibility for your feelings
  • Moving into compassion for your Inner Child and Wounded Self
  • Opening to learning what you are telling yourself, doing or not doing that is causing your feelings or if your feelings are a result of your life situation and how to manage your feelings.  
  • Identifying from your personal source of Guidance the truth about your beliefs and the loving actions that you need to take to manage your difficult feelings and heal your Wounded Self
  • Taking those loving actions
  • Noticing if you’re feeling peaceful, joyful and fulfilled.

I will help you learn the Six Steps of Inner Bonding® by guiding you through the process each session so that you’re able to go through the process on your own throughout the day.

I am a certified Inner Bonding® Facilitator, have co-lead the Inner Bonding® Facilitator Training Program and have been learning and practicing Inner Bonding® for 30 years.